Elevate Wellness classes and team bonding events help increase energy and reduce stress leading to more flexible thinking and greater productivity.  Yoga and mindfulness are known to supercharge focus, concentration, release muscle tension and build confidence.  It is incredible how a few long, deep breaths have the power to transform us from depleted to restored.
No mat? No Yoga clothes? No problem. Enjoy the benefits of yoga without stressing about the other stuff.  We can yoga in any space.  We love beginners!

Team Building Events: We create fun new ways for companies to bond and work together to achieve great things!  We offer customized wellness retreats that will stimulate creativity and raise excitement for personal development.  



Summer started practicing yoga to mix up her workouts and what followed was a wonderful transformation. She discovered that yoga not only enriched her physical health, but also helped alleviate her anxiety which she had lived with most of her life. She wanted to share the joy and therapeutic benefits that she experienced with others so she completed her 200-Hour Yoga Certification.  Summer is passionate about the amazing power of the breath to help calm the mind in the most difficult poses as well as life’s challenges. She encourages her students to break out of their comfort zone and realize their full potential both on and off the mat.  Currently Summer teaches weekly yoga classes, leads workshops and yoga retreats.

Summer Rechenmacher 
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Being told as a young child to sit on the sidelines due to Scoliosis and Asthma only put a fiery spark in my body! My movement roots began in the pool at age 6 synchronizing swimming. Katie’s athletic prowess led her to national and world titles in synchronized swimming. Katie completed her 300-hour training with Alchemy of yoga in Bali. My continued education includes certifications in Aerial, Yin, Yoga Therapy for PTSD, meditation and chair yoga. Katie is nationally recognized instructor in aquatics and leads yoga retreats around the globe! Katie's philosophy is “Motion is Lotion” for the inside of our joints ligaments muscles and bones. Katie’s bubbly personality and compassionate gentle caring heart clearly comes through in all her classes. Katie is committed to helping her students create balance in their lives on and off their mat!

Katie Killebrew 
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It’s like an island of reprieve in your work day!  

Elevate Wellness offers yoga, meditation and fitness services customized to fit your company’s needs.  We are passionate about helping people feel their best through our workplace yoga.  Make your employees a priority by helping them feel connected, empowered and increase their smiles.

Elevate Wellness

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